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The massive technological developments in recent years have made many innovations available, such as in the crypto market we know DeFi, NFT, and GameFi are innovations that will allow users not only to get access to a decentralized financial system but also to have unique digital assets that are verified on the blockchain, which can represent anything from digital art to virtual real estate, to exciting games which not only provide entertainment but also reward to users. Innovations in the crypto market have made this market an attractive market and made it not just an ordinary investment market, but also an ecosystem in which there are many interesting innovations.

Syntrum: Blockchain Infrastructure for DeFi, GameFi, and NFT applications.

The crypto market has been evolving rapidly with new innovations being introduced one by one to users and this has gone a long way in not only providing more transparent and secure access to finance but also much more than that. These innovations have the potential to revolutionize the way we think about money, finance, and ownership, and give us something we need all along. And because of these innovations, of course, developers need the best infrastructure which can support the development of their platform to make it more secure and fast for users and Syntrum helps developers to be able to build a reliable and strong infrastructure. Because the architecture of the crypto platform is a crucial component because it will be related to the security and speed of the platform. Without a strong infrastructure, a platform will not work together to facilitate the secure and efficient transfer of digital assets to users. With the help from Syntrum, developers will be able to build a platform with the best infrastructure for their DeFi, gaming, and NFT projects.

Competitive Advantage

The infrastructure of a platform will be related to its main component, namely the blockchain, which is the underlying technology that enables the creation and transfer of digital currencies. Without a strong and reliable blockchain architecture, it will make the platform unable to develop good applications for users and this is what gives Syntrum an advantage over other platforms because it will help developers in developing blockchain infrastructure that has high interoperability and enables communication. different blockchains in real time, enabling real-time communication and data sharing between decentralized applications built on different networks. And the advantages of Syntrum can be seen from the various features it offers:

  • Reliable lending system: Syntrum has SynLend which will function as an algorithmic crypto market for overcollateralized Lending/Borrowing.
  • Bridge for transfers across blockchains: Syntrum has SynBridge which will be a permissionless Token/NFT asset bridge, allowing users to move assets easily and seamlessly across multiple blockchains.
  • Vault for staking and liquidity: Syntrum provides multi-chain Staking and Liquidity mining vaults for Syntrum native assets.
  • Box for high creativity for games: Syntrum provides a box which can be used by developers to create game assets and game worlds with no code.
  • Full NFT feature: Syntrum provides a full NFT feature which allows users to trade, stake, or deploy their NFT easily and securely.
  • Secure wallet for users: Syntrum provides a secure wallet which is optimized for users, so that their crypto transactions become faster and more secure.

Syntrum Market

The crypto market has been the subject of significant innovation from various sectors such as gaming and NFT, with new technologies and applications constantly being developed by developers globally. Seeing the significant application development in the crypto market makes this market a potential market to develop in the future. Syntrum takes advantage of this to help developers develop decentralized applications with a secure blockchain architecture for their users. The blockchain architecture provided by Syntrum is better in terms of interoperability and complete features for developers. Everything a developer needs is available on Syntrum.

Token Sales

Syntrum has announced that it plans to hold a token sale program in the future, during which $SYT Tokens will be sold at a discounted price. This provides an excellent opportunity for early investors to purchase $SYT Tokens at a lower price than what they may be offered for on centralized or decentralized exchanges after the token is launched. Interested users can find more information about the token sale program on the Syntrum website, including the eligibility requirements for participation. The process for participating in the token sale is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for investors to take advantage of this opportunity. By participating in the token sale program, users will be able to gain early access to $SYT Tokens, which could potentially increase in value as the Syntrum platform gains adoption. Overall, the token sale program provides a unique opportunity for investors to get involved with Syntrum and benefit from the potential growth of this innovative technology.


Syntrum is the platform that develops blockchain architectures for DeFi, gaming and NFT projects. Syntrum is a cutting-edge technology that utilizes network mirroring to achieve real-time synchronization between multiple networks and will enable users to develop applications across blockchains. What is offered by Syntrum eliminates inter-network latency and achieves true interoperability, enabling seamless communication between decentralized applications built on different blockchains. This breakthrough innovation is exactly what developers need, as it allows for real-time transactions and data sharing across different networks, creating a more efficient and interconnected ecosystem. Not only that, Syntrum provides various features such as Defi solution, gaming, NFT, and a secure wallet, so it will enable developers to develop a full-featured crypto platform. So with what Syntrum has to offer, it will be a reliable blockchain architecture that will connect products in DeFi, Gaming and NFT.

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