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The reward system was developed to be able to give something to someone for the effort they put in. Usually, with this system it will motivate someone to be able to do various things in the application they use, for example when someone follows more than 100 people then he will get some money for that, of course that will motivate users to be able to keep following more people to be able to get more. The reward system has been proven to be effective in increasing people’s motivation for something and this system has been adopted by many application developers globally and has shown a good impact on their applications, and until now many applications have used the reward system.

Stretch To Earn: Move to Earn

The reward system is proven to be effective in motivating people to be able to do things better and be diligent. By giving rewards every day it will be able to motivate someone to do something continuously without feeling burdened, because the more diligent they are, the more rewards they can get. And because the reward system is very attractive, Stretch To Earn is here as a fitness application where it will provide rewards for users who participate in it. The application developed by Stretch To Earn provides a place where users and trainers can gather and get rewards from their activities. Users can move to earn, run, or stretch, and all this is done through an application where the system will later monitor the user’s sports activity and calculate the length of time the user exercises and reward them for their activity.

Competitive Advantage

Today many people exercise to be able to get a healthy body and a clearer mind. But most people today exercise without getting rewarded for the activity they do. Even though they should get rewarded for their efforts. Because of this, Stretch To Earn wants to be a fitness application that will provide rewards to those who do sports activities with the Stretch To Earn application. Users will be able to get rewards from moving, stretching, or running which will be monitored by a system with intelligent technology. Because Stretch To Earn offers rewards to users that will be a competitive advantage because surely more people will be interested in being able to use the Stretch To Earn application when exercising. And other competitive advantages of Stretch To Earn can be seen from the various features it offers:

  • Blockchain-based: Stretch To Earn is developed using blockchain technology and it will secure all transactions of users.
  • Marketplace for NFTs: Stretch To Earn provides a marketplace which will allow users to sell or buy NFTs for their avatars.
  • Application for trainers: Stretch To Earn will allow trainers to get the opportunity to offer their services to a wide range of users and later all settlements will be carried out through the Stretch To Earn application.

Stretch To Earn Market

Many young people today are exercising every day to be able to maintain the health of their bodies. Stretch To Earn sees this as an opportunity to be able to offer fitness applications with a reward system that will provide rewards for every fitness activity carried out by users. Users will be able to move, stretch, or run to be able to get rewards in the form of STN tokens which can be exchanged by users through the marketplace. It will also target trainers who have the ability to become professional trainers for users who need their services and it will widen their opportunities to earn money from people who want to be healthy and fit.

Token Sales

The $STN Tokens are planned to be sold through a token sale program in the near future, providing an opportunity for users to purchase them at a lower price compared to their value after launching on CEX/DEX. This presents an excellent opportunity for early investors to benefit from their investment. Interested users can find complete details about the token sale program on the official website, including the requirements needed to participate. The process of participating in the token sale program is designed to be easy and accessible to all interested users.


Stretch To Earn was developed into a fitness application which will provide rewards in the form of STN tokens to its users. Stretch To Earn is designed with a fair and transparent reward system where it will provide rewards for activities carried out by users. The Stretch To Earn system will monitor what the user is doing and later it will provide rewards for the missions they have completed. It will also be a place for trainers to get more clients and a marketplace for NFT trading. So that with what Stretch To Earn has to offer, it will become the best super app for the global fitness industry.

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