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4 min readJul 4, 2022

In its development, DEX has become a platform that is widely used by crypto users globally. Many people use the DEX platform because it is a platform that provides various features needed by crypto users globally, such as swap, staking, lending, etc. With these features, users can get financial freedom because they can freely transact and do not need to do it through third parties like on a centralized platform. Due to the advantages it offers, the DEX platform has become a favorite by many crypto users globally and because of this in recent times the DEX platform has been increasingly developed by developers to be able to provide the best DEX platform for all users.

Fusotao: Open, Reliable, Fast

With more and more people using the DEX platform in the future, crypto developers are increasingly developing their DEX platform with various existing protocols. And because of this, Fusotao intends to be a protocol that will be backed by a DEX platform to provide an open, fast, and reliable service. Using the Fusotao protocol will allow the DEX platform to provide the best service for users. The DEX platform will be able to get benefits such as zero fees, faster swaps, the best experience, and many other benefits by using Fusotao as the architecture of the DEX platform. Fusotao is designed by an experienced team so that it will present to users a protocol that makes the DEX platform better than the usual DEX platform and this will make the user experience even better.

Competitive Advantage

Fusotao has a competitive advantage which makes it the best protocol for the DEX platform architecture. This can be seen from the various features it offers:

  • Protocol with verification: Fusotao will use a system that will create a paradigm of executing off-chain and verifying on-chain.
  • Executor and prover: Fusotao will provide core components
    called Galois as an off-chain client to execute orders and prove them, which makes transactions reliable.
  • Decentralized architecture: Fusotao is built using a decentralized system that holds the user’s assets and will verify them later.
  • Various advantages: Fusotao will offer various advantages to DEX platforms integrating their platforms with this protocol, thus allowing the DEX platforms to confidently use this protocol in their architecture.

Fusotao Market

In the future, there will be a lot of people transacting on the DEX platform such as for swaps, staking, etc. With more and more people transacting on the DEX platform, it requires a fast and reliable platform to serve the various needs of users. And seeing this opportunity, Fusotao will present a protocol that will back the DEX platform and make their platform better and more reliable for users. With the various advantages offered, this will make the DEX platform able to offer a reliable service, and also this will make the user experience better.

Token Sales

It is planned that $TAO Tokens will be sold through a token sale program that will be held in the future. By participating in this token sale program, users will be able to get $TAO Tokens at a lower price than before the token was launched on CEX/DEX and this will benefit users who buy early. To participate in this token sale program, users can read more complete details on the website and see more fully what requirements users must meet to buy this token. And it will be very easy to buy these tokens.


Fusotao designed a protocol that will be the backed protocol of the DEX platform globally. Fusotao will be a protocol that will offer various advantages such as zero fees, validation systems, much faster swaps, and various other benefits. Designed as a protocol for the DEX platform, it will offer users a better, reliable, and faster DEX platform, which can better handle all user transactions. So with what Fusotao has to offer, it will become a reliable verification protocol for DEX transactions.

Important Links

Website: https://www.fusotao.org/#/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FusotaoProtocol
Telegram: https://t.me/fusotao


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