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The jackpot game is very interesting because it is a game that can give someone the opportunity to become rich overnight. With a little money and luck, someone can try their luck to be able to get a reward from the jackpot and change their destiny for the better. Jackpot itself has changed from using an offline system to an online. Now everyone can play their luck in the jackpot game and later this reward will be sent directly to users. Because of the convenience offered and global access, it has made many gambling platforms now offer jackpot games online to users.

Endblock: A Peer-to-Peer Reverse Pool System

Gambling platforms have started to penetrate the online world because in this way they can increase their users and expand their reach globally. And with the development of technology in the world of gambling, Endblock has become a gambling platform where users can bet their luck and if they are lucky they will get a jackpot from the pool master. The system developed by Endblock is that users are asked to participate in the pool master by connecting their wallet and after that they can reset the pool master. If they are lucky they will be able to get the jackpot from the pool master and it will change the user’s life for the better. This pool master is a collection of money from users and it has a time where if that time runs out and no one gets the jackpot then this money will be distributed equally among users.

Competitive Advantage

By being a crypto-based online jackpot platform, Endblock will have a competitive advantage compared to other gambling platforms because it will allow users to easily access Endblock from various devices and use Endblock services with their tokens, so users don’t need to do KYC or trouble when making a withdrawal. And other competitive advantages of Endblock can be seen from the various features it offers:

  • Join pool master easily: Endblock allows users to join pool master easily by connecting their wallet.
  • Guaranteed rewards for users: Endblock designed the jackpot system to reward users, so it will be a healthy and profitable jackpot platform for all.
  • Transparent history of winners: Endblock provides a winners page which lists the winners in the last few hours.
  • Refer friends and get rewards: Endblock provides a referral system which will reward users for the users they refer.

Endblock Market

Gambling is an activity that is still popular with people today and even now the number of users has increased. From the number of users who have increased, this proves that the gambling market has great potential and will continue to grow in the future. Endblock sees this as a potential which is very good to be explored. By offering innovative services and easy access from various devices, Endblock will become a gambling platform which will be loved by everyone globally.

Token Sales

It is planned that $END Tokens will be sold through a token sale program which will be held in the future by Endblock. By participating in this token sale program, users will be able to get $END Tokens at a lower price than before the token was launched on CEX/DEX and this will benefit users who invest early. To participate in this token sale program, users can read more complete details on the website and see more fully what requirements users must meet to buy this token. And it won’t be difficult to buy these tokens.


Endblock is an innovation from the gambling platform by presenting slot games and will allow everyone to be able to bet some of their assets for higher rewards. Endblock developed a jackpot system which will allow everyone to participate easily without the need to do KYC or other complicated things. Only need to connect their wallet and users can directly use services on Endblock. So with what Endblock has to offer, this will become the mainstay slot platform for global players to be able to play and win.

Important Links

Website: https://endblock.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Endblock_io
Telegram: https://t.me/EndBlock_io


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