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4 min readApr 14, 2023

Electricity is a primary need for most people today. Without electricity, it would be impossible for equipment such as televisions, internet, refrigerators, and various other electronic equipment to live, therefore for most people now electricity is their main need. Usually, people get a source of electricity from the government which is channeled through the electricity network that has been provided. However, normally the charge for this electricity is flat and the customer has to accept that. And because of this, customers need an alternative source of electricity that offers more competitive prices and that can be achieved by using electricity from renewable sources that can come from their community or neighbors.

Candela Coin: Ditch The Grid With Candela Coin

By gaining access to alternative sources of electricity one can get a more competitive price compared to what they were getting before. Usually, this source of electricity can be obtained from solar panels owned by neighbors or the community in their surroundings. And because this energy transaction system requires a medium to run, Candela was launched to become a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of electricity secured using blockchain technology. Candela is designed using a decentralized architecture which will facilitate user transactions transparently and securely and will not allow hacking. All transactions made by users will be recorded on the blockchain ledger and it can be verified by everyone. This will be the safest place for users to be able to make electricity buying and selling transactions and coupled with the support of microgrids and IoT supported by Candela it will make this whole process better and faster.

Competitive Advantage

Developing a marketplace for electricity trading in a decentralized manner, it will help customers to be able to get electricity at more affordable prices. Providing a decentralized marketplace like this will help sellers and buyers of electrical energy to transact and this will be a competitive advantage for Candela because then people globally will be able to use Candela as their reliable marketplace to be able to buy and sell the electricity they have produced. And other competitive advantages of Candela can be seen from the various features it offers:

  • Blockchain-based and decentralized: Candela will operate using blockchain technology and will run in a decentralized manner, which will ensure its transparency and security.
  • Microgrids and IoT: Candela will use IoT and Microgrids to streamline the seller and buyer transaction process.
  • Transactions using tokens: Candela has a native token which will be used for all transactions on the Candela platform.

Candela Market

The global energy market is very large and every day many people need a source of electrical energy for their various needs. Candela takes advantage of this to become a decentralized marketplace for trading in electrical energy and this will make it a major player in the global energy trading marketplace and create a sustainable future through decentralized energy trading. The platform aims to disrupt the traditional energy market by allowing users to buy and sell electricity directly to each other, without the need for a central authority or intermediary. This potential market will make Candela a decentralized energy trading marketplace that has a large market and users spread globally.

Token Sales

Candela plans to hold a token sale program in the future where $CLA Tokens will be sold. Early investors who participate in this program will be able to purchase $CLA Tokens at a lower price compared to when the token is launched on CEX/DEX, providing an opportunity for potential gains. Users can visit the Candela website for more details on the token sale program and the requirements for purchasing $CLA Tokens. The process of obtaining the token will be made simple for users.


Candela builds what users need for more secure and efficient electricity trading, where anyone can register using their crypto wallet. Candela was built using blockchain technology and with the help of microgrids and IoT which will help expedite user transactions. Built using the best technology, Candela will facilitate users to be able to trade the electricity they have generated from their sources and this will help a wide range of users to be able to get electricity at more competitive prices. So with what Candela has to offer, it will help many people to be able to sell or buy electrical energy in a decentralized, secure and transparent way.

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