Biokript — Hybrid Exchange Platform With A Fair And Transparent Sharia System

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For Muslims, the sharia system is the best system that regulates various aspects of their life and that includes their trading affairs. Using the sharia system will provide benefits between sellers and buyers and this will provide a sense of justice to both parties. Therefore the sharia system is the best system and one that is recommended for Muslims to be able to apply it to their trade, this is to be able to make their trade a blessing for everyone so that no party will feel disadvantaged in the trade.

Biokript: World’S First Hybrid Shariah-Compliant Crypto Trading Platform

Sharia is the best system for Muslims and this system is highly recommended to be applied to their trade. And because of this, Biokript was built to become a blockchain-powered, state-of-the-art hybrid exchange, sharia-based, which will provide users with a sense of security and comfort in their trading. Biokript will use the sharia system in their operations, namely with Mudarabah profit sharing, where holders of Bkript tokens receive 50% of the exchange’s profits. So the system offered by Biokript will reward all Biokript token holders in a fair and transparent manner. This is possible because Biokript has a clear and stable economic system and is supported by all parties, therefore Biokript is able to reward users for their participation in trading on Biokript and holding Biokript tokens.

Competitive Advantage

Sharia is highly recommended for those who want fairness and transparency in their trades. Biokript will take advantage of this to be able to give users something new in their crypto trading. And by adopting this sharia system, it will be a competitive advantage for Biokript compared to other crypto exchange platforms. And other things can be seen from the various features it offers:

  • Fast trading: Biocrypt allows users to be able to trade in microseconds without compromising reliability or security. This is possible because Biokript uses a reliable architecture.
  • Legal and registered: Biokript allows users to be able to trade with safety and comfort because it is legal and registered in the United States with affiliate offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Low fees: Biokript offers low fees on their trades with the fast and hassle-free settlement.
  • Sufficient liquidity: Biocrypt has sufficient liquidity on their exchange to be able to service user exchange activities.

Biokript Market

Until now in the crypto market, there has been no exchange platform that actually implements the sharia system in their operations. This is a potential market because as we know that many Muslims have started trading with crypto and they need a crypto exchange platform that implements the sharia system to be able to make their trading halal. Biokript wants to take advantage of this by offering a centralized sharia-based exchange platform that will reward users for their participation in the Biokript platform.

Token Sales

It is planned that $Bkrpt Tokens will be sold through a token sale program which will be held in the future by Biokript. By participating in this token sale program, users will be able to get $Bkrpt Tokens at a lower price than before the token was launched on CEX/DEX and this will benefit users who invest early. To participate in this token sale program, users can read more complete details on the website and see more fully what requirements users must meet to buy this token. And it won’t be difficult to buy these tokens.


Biokript is building a centralized crypto exchange platform that will implement a sharia system that will benefit everyone. Biokript combines a sharia system with a hybrid architecture which will provide security and convenience for user trading. Users will be able to make transactions quickly, low fees, and secure, and moreover the holder of the Biokript token will get a 50% share of the exchange’s profits. So with what Biokript has to offer, this will be a sharia-based crypto exchange platform that can be reliable for various purposes.

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